• loren costantini

Fighting is NEVER the right solution

If your attorney hasn’t talked to you about, and suggested, that there are peaceful solutions to your legal problems, you are talking to the wrong attorney. As an attorney I have come to understand that fighting is NEVER the best solution. It is a last resort when you are forced to protect yourself. It is imperative that my clients' best interests are being served. Counseling them always includes making sure my clients have looked at the problem from a peaceful solution perspective. Clients need to understand that the solution to their problem is not fighting because fighting adds conflict to an already conflictual situation. It costs significant money and even more importantly it costs an huge emotional toll.

Conflict is simply differing perspectives. And just because my clients they see themselves as being “right” does not mean that the other side's perspective isn’t right too - UNLESS they believing fighting is the solution to the conflict. A lawyer needs to understand the perspective of their clients as well as their opponents in order to find a solution to the problem. It is then a matter of counseling your clients so they can understand that a judge or jury may see legitimacy in both sides of the argument and will certainly have a perspective of their own.

Fighting is costs you time, money and emotion. You are best served to by finding a peaceful solution or finding an attorney who can direct you to that end.

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