• loren costantini

Reflection on Divorce

My therapist likes to say “Don’t waste a good crisis.” Divorce is a major family crisis. I have not only been through a divorce, I am a divorce attorney that helps people see the event as an opportunity rather than a devastating ending or a war. Divorce is merely a time of transformation or rebirth to a new life. And just like any birth, it involves traveling through dark times before experiencing the light. The dark time is an invitation for you to discover the aspects of your life that need change. It’s easy to place the blame on your spouse, but questioning your own culpability will help you discover where you need to grow as a person. A good therapist can help you identify, understand and resolve these issues so you can make changes to your life so you don’t end up down the same path again. Remember, we attract and materialize whatever we focus on. Recreate your life by fixing the "negatives" that you carry with you and focus on all the positives. Divorce is a disguised as a beautiful opportunity for rebirth into a life defined by a new healthy you.

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