• loren costantini

Happy Birthday Dad

It’s my father’s birthday today. He would have been 74 and practicing law for 47 years. (a palindrome). What made him such a great person and attorney was that he made his clients, me and the rest of his family feel provided for and safe. Just his massive presence alone was enough to make you feel like everything would be ok. He was a problem solver, a fixer and a friend you wanted on your side. He was born of Italian immigrants, making him proud of his achievements, his fine clothes and beautiful sports cars. His charisma and unabashed ego filled the room often making his family feel uncomfortable. I️ miss his presence in my life and the feeling of a child being cradled. Rather, I️ find myself as Pater Familias hoping to carry on the spirit of Lawrence J. Costantini with honor and grace. Happy Birthday Dad. . Picture of a watercolor of my father on a matchbook. Part of his legal art collection. Probably painted by my mother.

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