• loren costantini

Finding the Right Attorney

Picture of miniature clay sculpture from my father’s attorney art collection.

If you are seeking an attorney it's probably because you have a problem that is legal in nature. Underlying most legal problems is the emotion that energizes it. Attorneys are trained to be adversaries, not counselors. And there is no worse way to solve a problem than to add conflict to it. Avoid attorneys that feed your emotion and urge you to fight. Seek an attorney that provides you with information, different perspectives and alternative solutions to resolve your issue. A seasoned attorney who is also a mediator typically has the proper mindset and can generally predict the legal fees, timeline and outcome of your case should you decide to litigate. This advice will allow you to understand the unemotional, practical aspects of your case before you commit to a costly legal battle. You should leave a lawyer's office feeling educated, empowered and more focused on resolution. It is most important that you feel you can trust that the attorney has your best interest in mind.

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