• loren costantini

Out of Court Settlement

This is a drawing done by an amazing artist Charles Bragg who was notable for his legal characterizations. This one is called “Out of Court Settlement”. This is the way legal problems should be solved, i.e. out of court.

As an attorney I am dedicated to the mindful practice of law. This means that I understand that most legal issues are really unresolved human emotional issues intertwined with material attachment - $$$. A practitioner of law needs to understand all perspectives, especially the emotional components, in order to facilitate a peaceful resolution. Practicing law from a conscious perspective empowers clients to see their problems from a heart centered approach rather than an ego centered place. From there it is much easier to find peaceful resolution no matter what the difficulty, legal or non-legal. If you need help seeing your problem from a mindful perspective contact me. I offer legal or personal counseling, conscious divorce and mediation. I am here to help.

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