Combining decades of the study and practice of mindfulness with art, Loren and his mother, Dr. Mona Costantini, have been offering visually guided talks and hands-on workshops for years to students, organizations and businesses. These interactive presentations educate people on how to access inner wisdom by connecting with the creative conscious to solve problems, discover fresh perspectives and re-create their lives. Loren and Mona uncover and teach the newest "trend" in self help and the cutting edge model in education, business and the marketplace.


The interactive talks and workshops offer a unique opportunity for people to engage in the creative process. Through the use of guided imagery, simple art and dialogue, participants access inner wisdom personal to their individual life journey. The process requires no previous artistic experience.  It is a relaxing playful process of discovery. 


Presentations are designed to meet the needs of the participants. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.